Going (1977)
The Theatre of Mistakes

Going is a performance in five acts. In it, the performers have to learn all the parts, while trying to be each other rather than presuming to enact characters. Going is performed with either three women and two men, or three men and two women, who may appear in any order.




Two chairs, one table, one packet of cigarettes and one box of matches.



Grey suits and black shoes.


The Idea:

Each of the five acts is a repetition of the first act. Each is begun by a different performer. In each act a further element is introduced by the first performer to enter in that act. Each new element is repeated in all subsequent acts.



Approximately one hour without interval.



Manuela Albrecht

Javier Cardona

Yoko Ishiguro 

Florence Peake 

Andrew Price

Taylor Smith


The cast of six alternates.


Directed by Fiona Templeton.


Auditorium design by Simon Jones studio after The Theatre of Mistakes.


Produced for In Case There’s a Reason: The Theatre of Mistakes

Raven Row, 30 June until 6 August 2017.

Curated by Jason E. Bowman.


A total of twelve performances at 7pm each Friday and Saturday, from Friday 30 June until Saturday 5 August 2017.