Open House

4 May to 5 May 2019

Open House

Saturday 4 May and Sunday 5 May 2019


12pm – 6pm. Scroll down for events. 


Independent groups are working for a year in Raven Row. On 4 and 5 May some opened their studios, while others presented work or performances, or held workshops. 


Agorama Server Co-op: ‘Moses the Lonely Londoner’, an installation presenting an AI created by Agorama, accessible through messaging apps in the form of a chatbot.


Asia Art Activism: Open studio with ‘Making Time’, a participatory timeline of Asian art and activism in the UK, in development by Joon Lynn Goh and Annie Jael Kwan, and a playlist compiled by Cuong Pham.


Concrete Action: Work in progress: collective practice and the state of housing in London past and present. Contemplative listening and still life drawing.


East London Cable: ‘ELC TV Dinner E02’, the second in a series of television shows recorded in front of a live audience presenting works by ELC and collaborators.


In*ter*is*land Collective: Open studio (3pm to 5.30pm).


Piper Keys: ‘Index’, an exhibition by Kate Murphy including two videos and works on paper.


Women of Colour Index Reading Group: Open studio, including films (‘Elephant Boy’, 2015, and ‘Brown Queers’, 2017) and other work by Michelle Williams Gamaker, and an installation by Samia Malik – ‘Art, Fashion and the Institution’, 2019. 




Saturday 4 May



East London Cable: Poetry, sound and performance. Aurelia Guo will read from her acclaimed 2018 poetry chapbook, NYT. Wojciech Kosma will perform spalarnia, a sound poetry project. Lucie McLaughlin and Anna Zett will each be presenting new work.



Agorama Server Co-op: Sockpuppet workshop with Max Dovey. You are invited to an introduction to psychometrics and data profiling, and to watch as participants create online personas – ‘sockpuppets’ – that can deceive emotional and psychological data profiles. Lasts one hour.



Voices that Shake! and Healing Justice Ldn will present poetry, dance and film, considering themes of race, gentrification, health, art and public imagination; a conversation with the audience will follow.


Sunday 5 May


12pm – 6pm: 

Asia Art Activism: AAA Artist-in-Residence Jia-Qi Quek combines transpedagogy and traditional bookbinding in a one-to-one binding performance. Forty-five minutes, please sign up to ‘Bind’:



In*ter*is*land Collective: ‘Te Kuhane o te Tupuna: El espiritu de los ancestors’ (2015). A grandfather and girl journey from Rapanui (Easter Island) to London in search of their Moai ancestor, Hoa Hakananai’a (lost or stolen friend), in a film by Leo Pakrati. Introduction by In*ter*is*land Collective with yuin Dharawal man Rodney Kelly who is campaigning for the return of his ancestral artefacts, taken on the day James Cook arrived a Botany Bay in 1770. Rodney who is based in Bermagui NSW, has travelled to London six times to speak with the British Museum and the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, which hold the well-known Gweagal Shield, a number of spears and other artefacts.



Asia Art Activism: performances: ‘Gum Trap’ by Burong, about trapping and being trapped, and ‘General West’, with a sarcastic new persona created by Howl Yuan.