A Productivist Literature – Esther Leslie, Nick Thurston and McKenzie Wark. Chaired by John Douglas Millar.
Wednesday 17 December 2014, 6.30pm


Presentations by Esther Leslie, Nick Thurston and McKenzie Wark. Chaired by John Douglas Millar.



Esther Leslie is a London-based writer and lecturer. Her most recent book is Derelicts: Thought Worms from the Wreckage (Unkant, 2014).


Nick Thurston is an author, artist and lecturer. He is the co-editor of the imprint information as material and was recently artist in residence at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.


McKenzie Wark is a New York-based theorist whose writings include A Hacker Manifesto (2004), Gamer Theory (Harvard, 2007) and The Beach Beneath The Street (Verso, 2011).


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