Going (1977)
30 June to 6 August 2017

Going is a fugue for five performers in five acts, arranged from mannerisms of departure. It concerns going, or attempting to go, when the participants are bound together as closely as the strands of a knotted ring. Attempting to be each other, as opposed to a character, every performer has to learn all the parts, and thus every move and each gesture. Each weaves a role identical to that of the others, into different moments, but of the same role.


Going premiered in February 1977 in a tour of Scotland, organised by Richard Demarco, and was then performed widely across Europe and the USA, including at the State Correctional Institution in Pittsburgh in November 1978. It has not been performed in full since 1981.


Going is performed with either three women and two men, or three men and two women. The production at Raven Row is directed by Fiona Templeton and performed by an alternating cast selected by her: Manuela Albrecht, Javier Cardona, Yoko Ishiguro, Florence Peake, Andrew Price and Taylor Smith. 


The first public performance is at 7pm on Saturday 1 July and thereafter, every Friday and Saturday evening until 5 August. The performance lasts approximately one hour.



Capacity for each performance is limited. Tickets are free but must be reserved through Eventbrite here.



Image: The Theatre of Mistakes, Going, 1977. Photograph by Lindsay Moran.   

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