Taking a Line for a Walk: Artists, Writing and Literature – Tom McCarthy, McKenzie Wark and Janice Kerbel. Chaired by Brian Dillon.
Tuesday 16 December 2014, 6.30pm



Panel discussion with Tom McCarthy, McKenzie Wark and Janice Kerbel. Chaired by Brian Dillon.




Brian Dillon is a London-based writer and critic, and UK editor of Cabinet magazine. His most recent book Ruin Lust was published by Tate in 2014.


Janice Kerbel is an artist based in London, whose performance Doug was commissioned by The Common Guild, Glasgow, in 2014.


Tom McCarthy is a London-based writer and novelist. His book Satin Island is forthcoming from Random House in 2015.


McKenzie Wark is a New York-based theorist whose writings include A Hacker Manifesto (2004), Gamer Theory (Harvard, 2007) and The Beach Beneath The Street (Verso, 2011).