Revisiting Isidore Isou’s Meca-Aesthetics
Friday 30 January 2015, 3pm

Seminar and open discussion about Letterism and its discontents with Iain Boal, Eric Fabre, Catherine Goldstein and Donald Nicholson-Smith.




Iain Boal is a social historian, co-founder of the Retort group and founding member of MayDay Rooms, London.


Eric Fabre is a Brussels-based collector, whose gallery, Garage Cosmos, frequently holds exhibitions featuring work from his collection.


Catherine Goldstein is Director of Research, History of Mathematics,
at the CNRS, Paris.


Donald Nicholson-Smith joined Situationist International in 1965 and was expelled in 1967. He was a member of King Mob, and is a preeminent translator of Situationist writings.