Nightcleaners and '36 to '77

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Nightcleaners (1975) by the Berwick Street Film Collective has long been recognised as a landmark of British experimental film and political cinema. To mark the first digital release of Nightcleaners and its companion film ’36 to ’77 (1978) by Raven Row and LUX, a special publication has been produced.


Nightcleaners and ’36 to ’77

Raven Row, LUX and Koenig Books, London


The publication is a box containing two books and two discs (DVD or Blu-ray).


Book 1 includes commissioned essays by Kodwo Eshun, Dan Kidner, Sheila Rowbotham, Sukhdev Sandhu, and Humphry Trevelyan, plus a new interview with Mary Kelly, excerpts of interviews with Marc Karlin and from James Scott's Nightcleaners production diary (1972).


Book 2 contains facsimiles, including an issue of Shrew (1971), the publication of the Women’s Liberation Workshop (this issue designed by Mary Kelly and dedicated to the cleaners’ struggle); excerpts from Red Rag (1973) and Spare Rib (1975); newsletters of the Cleaners Actions Group (1971); and a 1977 transcript of Nightcleaners.


Edited by Dan Kidner and Alex Sainsbury

Designed by John Morgan studio


Distributed internationally by Koenig Books



In the UK, the publication is available from Koenig bookshops, and from Cornerhouse Publications (click here)






Nightcleaners and 36 to 77



Image: Nightcleaners (1975), still